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What we do

At IvyMinded we believe critical thinking is the most important element to academic success. Grounding all of our services in this philosophy, we seek to empower secondary and high school students around the world by providing premium online tutoring and mentorship. We are dedicated to enhancing each of our students’ abilities during their most formative years to enable them to excel upon application to US and UK boarding schools and universities.

Top grades and stellar test scores are no longer enough

Our four pillars of development


Our programs are designed to be active: students are consistently questioned and challenged by their mentors, forcing them to really think. The constant need to explain one’s ideas to a mentor serves as a catalyst of creativity and critical thought.


In an increasingly globalized world an ability to easily adapt is an essential trait for success. Our programs aim to cultivate a sense of global awareness to allow our students to shine above other applicants and assimilate seamlessly into a global student body.


The mentor – mentee relationship stands at the core of all our programs. Research has shown the value of age related guidance for students of this age, particularly on motivation levels. This relationship aims to foster self-motivation and self-regulated learning in order to bolster skill development and self-perception.


As the cornerstone of an Ivy-League education, it is crucial that students show an advanced grasp of both written and verbal English, regardless of academic interests. Our tailored programs are designed specifically for students between the ages of 12 – 16 to inspire consistent and tangible growth.

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Our Experienced and Accomplished Mentors are the Heart of our Services

With every one of our mentors having successfully navigated the Harvard admissions process within the last four years, at IvyMinded we are uniquely positioned to provide the most relevant guidance to our students. Coupling the unique insight with raw talent, and diverse teaching experience, our mentors specialize in helping each student prepare for success when it matters most.

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Get in contact with us and a member of the team will reach out to you directly to help you assess which IvyMinded program is best for you in a free 30 minute consultation.

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Receive your personal log in to the IvyMinded Learning System and complete a baseline test with your mentor.

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Receive your personal program packet and curriculum and start learning using our online learning management system where all your learning happens in one place.

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Critical Thinking & Global Awareness Programs
Develop the Foundation for Excellence

Critical Thinking & Global Awareness Programs

Our critical thinking programs teach you the skills you need to read, write and think like a Harvard student alongside what it takes to become a global citizen.

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